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Our Puppy Deli Bag, the perfect assortment of dog treats for your furry friend! This resealable bag contains a mix of both short and long-lasting treats, like delicious sausages and tasty natural treats. From satisfying your pup's need to chew to rewarding them for good behavior, this bag has everything you need to keep your dog happy and engaged


The Puppy Deli Bag Contains the following:

4 Beef & Chicken Sausages (60g)

1 Chicken Stick (50g)

2 Chicken Feet (25g)

Lamb Muscle Meat 50g

2 Rabbit Ears (25g)

1 Venison Stick (50g)


Net Weight 260g


Please message for full analytical breakdown of each product (all the info will not fit) Suitable for dogs 6 months and above Please note, the 'best before date' from when you receive any products will be a minimum of 5 months.


This is due to the dog treats being natural products.

Puppy Deli Bag